Last Call: What to Wear to NYCWFF, Or, How to Accessorize Stretchy-Pants

Styleite: Racking your brains for how to stay stylish in stretchy pants at the New York City Wine and Food Festival this weekend? Our sister-wives at our sister-site Styleite have composed a convenient What to Wear slideshow that will make you feel as if you have your own personal Stacy and Clinton on hand.

Huffington Post: PETA (wait for it) wants the Washington Redskins (wait for it) to keep their name (wait for it) but change their logo/mascot (wait for it) to a potato. Get it? Because potatoes are Redskins that aren’t racially insensitive to mass genocide?

Reddit: If you have yet to trip into a rabbit hole of disturbing today, check out this Reddit AMA with an ex-employee of the famed Heart Attack Grill, which she — spoiler alert — calls working at “terribly depressing.”

Grub Street: Here’s a listicle of the 21 most expensive side dishes in New York to avoid. Grand champion? The $95 white truffle risotto at Craft. Woof

Eater: The 2014 James Beard Awards are now open for nominations, meaning that you, dear readers, can cast your vote on which chefs and restaurants you think deserve a spot on the longlist. The JBAs are nothing if not democratic.

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