Last Call: Alton Brown Bow Ties Are Coming To Virtual Store Shelves Near You

Buzzfeed: Alton Brown’s line of bow ties goes on sale next week. Our wardrobes just got so much more dapper.

Huffington Post: You’ve seen Chrissy Teigen stuff her face with ramen burgers and food cooked by Eric Ripert. But you know what you’ve been missing out on? Chrissy Teigen stuffing her face at Guy’s American Kitchen + Bar. You’re welcome.

Washington Examiner: Breaking report! The GOP is culinarily split between Tortilla Coast conservatives and their moderate counterparts: Pete’s Diner Republicans. Washington is a-goddamned-dorable.

GQ: Alan Richman prefers to be told he got fired over power lunch at Carbone. FYI, bossman: We’d like to be within shooting distance of steak and fro-yo.

Food Republic: Alison Robicelli perfectly demonstrates why she’s in our Top Five Favorite Lady Bakers in talking about her cancer treatment: “I’m bald and I’m fat and here’s the bullshit thing. When you get cancer, you are supposed to get skinny. But they gave me steroids and I looked like an egg in sweatpants staying home watching Rangers games.”

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