Last Call: NYCWFF Food Poisoning Was Not Guy Fieri’s Fault, We Confirm

Grub Street: More than one person ended up in the hospital following a nasty bout of food poisoning from the New York Wine & Food Festival. Hate to break it to you guys, but we ate everything of Guy Fieri’s and we’re all fine. In fact, we were weirdly craving the bacon mac ‘n’ cheese from Guy’s American for hangover breakfast…

New York Times: Here’s an account of everything that went wrong at Alex Atala’s very fancy NYCWFF dinner. Spoiler alert: the reviews were still raves.

Esquire: John Mariani on how Le Cirque got its name: “By the way, the name Le Cirque? When the Germans retreated from Montecatini and the Allies moved in, young Sirio watched them. ‘The Americans,’ he says. ‘They looked like the circus coming to town!'”

Bakerpedia: Check out this, the umpteenth interview with Allison Robicelli about the new Robicelli’s cookbook, to find out which of the cupcakes in the book “was [her] pregnant ass’s dream and [she] still love[s] it.”

First We Feast: Here are ex-vegan Jamie Bissonnette’s eight dishes that shaped his career. You read that correctly. This guy is an ex-vegan.

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