LAST CALL: Guy Fieri Does Have Some Weird Recipe Names

The Huffington Post: Guy-Talian Nachos? Buffalo Bleu-Sabi? I’ve Got The Need for Fried Cheese? (That’s just a sentence!) Go home, Guy Fieri, you’re drunk.

Grubstreet: Someone came up with the genius idea to make a documentary about the diner that served as a front in Seinfeld — you know, the diner! Tom’s Restaurant is a mainstay on the Upper West Side; check out the trailer and start planning your own dinner there.

Politicker: Mayor Michael Bloomberg tells us what we already know: don’t eat at a restaurant in New York City unless it’s got an “A” hanging in the window. Which, apparently, only 69 percent of restaurants in New York City have.

Slate: Yes, someone is with us on this! MasterChef Junior is the best reality TV show on, argues Willa Paskin: “Like all engaging reality TV stars, the junior chefs are unburdened by self-consciousness, but because they are preteens, this is age-appropriate and not a manifestation of narcissistic personality disorder.”

Eater: We agree with you, Stephen Colbert — the “tom-tato” has gone too far. Go home, genetically modified foods, you’re drunk too.

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