LAST CALL: Bacon Scented Phone Notifications Will Change the World

The Huffington Post: We have so many questions for the inventors of the bacon scented smartphone notifications; mainly in the veins of “Why?” And then, “Why not?” Five bucks for the sweet smell of bacon to alert you when your mom is calling — or, for when your doctor calls to tell you you’re obsessed with bacon.

Wet Paint: First look photos of the Top Chef Halloween party with Lea Michelle; Michelle is a cat (original) and Andy Cohen and Tom Coliccio are … from the Music Man? In a barbershop quartet? We’re clearly missing on the joke here.

Eater: The Duck Dynasty star is opening a Duck Dynasty-themed restaurant in Louisiana, if you care about Duck Dynasty.

Los Angeles Times: Well, this is pretty sweet. The newest Chopped champ, D. Brandon Walker, gives all credit for his win to his time cooking in a program serving the homeless in L.A. He said to the LA Times, “[The job] always puts things into perspective … and there’s always some victory, no matter how small, when one of our clients has been able to overcome one of their challenges. It motivates me, and it makes me feel great. I always tell my fancy chef friends: ‘Sorry, but I’ve got the best job in the world.”

The Daily Beast: A nifty infographic on the rising culinary countries in the new Michelin guide; showing us Japan still rules the world. Sorry, France.

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