Last Call: While We Were Gawking at Guy Fieri Violence, a Rene Redzepi Scandal Broke!

Grub Street: While we were en-fucking-grossed in the Guy Fieri/hairdresser smackdown, everyone else was getting angry with Rene Redzepi for threatening to “blacklist” any stagiaires who blogged or otherwise published anything about their experience at Noma. He later apologized and claimed the word “blacklist” was a poor translation for what actually happens to them. (What actually happens to them?)

The Jane Dough: Someone at our sister-site really hates candy corn, which broke our hearts, and subsequently sparked an office-wide brawl over its merits. Trust us, and avoid having this polarizing debate at your place of employment. It gets ugly.

New York Times: Roy Choi’s new memoir L.A. Son got a New York Times review. A glowing one, with a special shout-out to throwing out the first (the second time we’ve read mention of it in a food memoir), which we guess is a trend slated for Park Slope mom cooking in T-minus six months.

YouTube: A kind soul allowed us to sneak into the Alex Atala/David Chang Times Talk at the New York Wine and Food Festival, which we’re now paying forward. Here’s the video, for you to partake in the wisdom along with us.

Today Show: Kathie Lee and Hoda publicly apologized for being the cause of the world wine shortage we’re about to face. Can’t they just switch to bloody marys until the precious wine ecosystem is restored?

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