Last Call: FEMA To Provide Disaster Relief For NYC Bars And Restaurants Because President Obama has declared New York in a state of disaster, FEMA can officially begin offering assistance to bars and restaurants affected by Hurricane Sandy in the form of clean-up efforts, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property, and more. Thanks, guys!

Bloomberg News: Up-and-coming food destination Red Hook suffered some of Brooklyn’s worst damage during Hurricane Sandy. Lobsters were lost. Walk-ins were flipped upside down. The scramble to cater orders amidst $100,000 worth of damage continues. If you aren’t played out on Sandy porn yet, check out how some of Red Hook’s restaurants are coping.

GrubStreet: Thankfully, GrubStreet has put together a handy dandy guide for ways you can help your favorite restaurants, if you’re going ever so slightly stir crazy stuck at home during your Sandy-cation. And some of the pointers are as simple as “tip better.”

Eater: This restaurant in Chicago that’s dressing itself up as The Max, AKA the fictional diner from Saved by the Bell, for Halloween is officially the raddest.

New York Street Food: So your trusty delivery guys are back on the streets, but you’re dying to stretch your legs? Here’s a map of food trucks that are back out and functioning. It’s enough to make us cry.

Huffington Post: While you’re waiting for your favorite Cantonese BBQ joint to reopen downtown, you could always watch this Chinatown BBQ crawl with Josh Ozersky to tide you over. Fingers crossed that Chinatown smells like pork again real soon.

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