Last Call: Brian Malarkey Hints at New TV Show

Zagat: Poor Brian Malarkey, shut out so cruelly, so soon from ABC’s The Taste. In an interview with Zagat, though, Malarkey says that even though getting on The Taste was “hitting the lottery again,” “I’m very excited that I work with a different cable channel, one that we can’t announce yet.” Start guessing what channel that could be — and what he’ll be doing.

Slate: Twitter’s IPO mentions how Mario Batali doles out cooking advice to fellow Tweeps, making Twitter The Best Thing to Happen to Mankind Ever. But Gavin Rossdale shares his red sauce secrets too! Hmm, whose cooking advice to follow first…

The Daily Meal: Eric Ripert says the expansion on Le Bernadin, which he says will make room for 150 to 200 more guests, will be done in April or May 2014.

New York Daily News: Everyone and their mother — well, everyone that owns a restaurant in New York City — is releasing a cookbook this fall. OMG, let’s make all the Roberta’s pizzas ever!

Los Angeles Times: Most meta event ever: Alan Salkin, of the new Food Network tell-all book, From Scratch: Inside the Food Network, will host a talk in Los Angeles with celebrity chefs Michael Voltaggio, Susan Feninger, and Mary Sue Milliken to talk about celebrity chefs. Because no one can spculate on celebrity chefs more than celebrity chefs.

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