LAST CALL: We’ll Never Trust Sunday Brunch Specials Again

Business Insider: Well, that’s one way to hide your B restaurant grade rating (which, as we all know, is going to probably kill us some day). One Harlem restaurant took that “B” and turned it into a alphabet sign spelling “Sunday Brunch.” NEVER AGAIN WILL YOU FOOL US, NEW YORK CITY WITH YOUR FANCY BRUNCH SPECIALS.

Town Hall: Well said, Tom Colicchio, well said. “We fixed this back in the way 60s, early 79s; we fought a war on poverty and won. And then came the ’80s.” The anti-hunger and poverty movement has no better advocate than Colicchio.

Associated Press: Will Bernard Vaussion, the now-retired cook for the president of France be as beloved (and hunky) as Sam Kass? Probably not, but it’s touching to see his departure be so lauded by everyone in the French presidential office. Vaussion, who cooked for French presidents for 40 years, also notes that President Francois Hollande is eating cheese again, so life is good again.

Reuters: Today in news that surprises no one, digital and tablet menus will make you spend more — but not for the reasons you think. Apparently, pictures of the food on a tablet isn’t nearly as cheesy as pictures on a laminated menu.

New York Daily News: Yo, Ne-Yo — didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not cool to run out on a tip?

The Daily Meal: You can’t make this shit up: “Alice Cooper is known as the Godfather of Shock Rock, but the rock star’s Phoenix restaurant can terrify all on its own. One man passing the restaurant recently was so terrified that he went on a window-smashing rampage resulting in over $10,000 worth of damage, police say.”

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