Last Call: Did You Recognize One of the Kids in That Gay Marriage Reaction Video?

Huffington Post: Have you seen that video of kids reacting to viral gay marriage proposals from the same guys who made the kid reactions to the interracial Cheerios commercial video? Did you recognize one particularly adorable floppy-haired 13-year-old (above) from the gay marriage reactions, which is now the Most Popular story on Huffington Post? YUP. That’s Troy, from this season of MasterChef Junior! And yes, he sings a few lines of both “Hey Ho” AND “Same Love.”

Reddit: If Duff Goldman was a cake, “I’d be a chocolate bundt cake. I’m sweet, round, and mysterious.” These quotables and more, from his Reddit AMA this afternoon.

GQ: Alan Richman finally found a fellow old man to old man around town with. Behold: his review of an Eleven Madison Park meal, shared with 104-year-old Harry Rosen. Next week, they retry Smorgasburg! (Kidding.)

Grub Street: Mission Chinese doesn’t have rats because they’re dirty and gross; they’re simply the victims of construction. And if you’ve ever lived in a New York City apartment building undergoing renovations, you’d empathize, too.

NPR: Roy Choi sits down with NPR for a Q&A around his new book LA Son, in which he expounds on his mom’s “maternal gangsta spirit.”

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