Last Call: Charlie Trotter Autopsy Deemed Inconclusive

Grub Street: Charlie Trotter’s autopsy results have been deemed inconclusive. An additional six-to-eight weeks of testing are needed for for definitive answers.

YouTube: What do you get when you put Chris Christie and Bon Jovi into a room with Tom Colicchio? You get the Top Chef judge trying to trick Chris Christie into making public promises about feeding schoolchildren that he’d probably break if he ran for President in 2016! (If. He only got re-elected for Governor just yesterday.)

Eater: Empire Biscuit has reopened after an unexpected onslaught of biscuit lovers flooded the would-be 24-hour joint and forced it to close. We are now a biscuit republic.

Medium: My Last Supper photographer Melanie Dunea revisits Charlie Trotter’s fantasy last supper — and gives him the benefit of believing it’s what happened on November 5th, 2013.

Pitchfork: ?uestlove wrote a heartwarming and lyrical postmortem on his recently shuttered fried chicken joint Hybird. Read for many poignant chicken puns.

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