Last Call: Graham Elliot Spotted In The Crowd During Obama’s Acceptance Speech

Twitter: Was that Graham Elliot wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the crowd at McCormick Place last night during President Obama’s acceptance speech? Why, yes, it was! We assume Gordon Ramsay was not wearing Madras in Boston.

New York Times: Danish chef Claus Meyer is stirring up trouble in Bolivia with his attempts to open a high-scale restaurant that turns La Paz into a culinary destination, much like his other restaurant Noma did for Copenhagen. One of the ingredients on his menu is coca, aka the plant from which cocaine is derived from. Yes, the hottest haute cuisine ingredient will be cocaine.

Huffington Post: Do you need to see a photo gallery of the world’s stupidest pizza cutters? You most certainly do, if for no other reason than to learn that your kitchen is missing the all-important gadget: the “pizza scissors spatula.”

YouTube: Might you need to regrow some brain cells after that one? We’ve got you covered: here’s a 95-minute Harvard lecture on viscosity and polymers presented by none other than Wylie Dufresne.

New York Daily News: In Norway, a Big Mac, fries, and a drink from McDonald’s will run you $23 in US currency. Well, that’s one remarkably effective way to discourage fast food consumption.

Eater: Here’s a sneak peek at the annotated reissue of Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. Highlights of the memoir’s outdated passages include a reference to Rocco DiSpirito as an exciting up-and-coming chef. Endless chuckles.

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