Last Call: 300 Sandwiches Lady Gets a Book Deal, While SF Chronicle Food Section Folds

Grub Street: 300 Sandwiches for a Wedding Ring lady just got a book deal, which we are literally, physically gagging over.

New York Times: MEANWHILE, the San Francisco Chronicle announced today that it would be nixing its totally stellar food section, which sucks for us, The Devil Food Website People Who Cause Such Things, because they were a really good resource!

Obama Foodorama: You can check out a recap and the full episode of Sam Kass’s Biggest Loser appearance here. Although, sadly, Obama Foodorama doesn’t wax poetic about how dreamy he is the way we do. Sorry.

Today Show: Todd English stopped by The Today Show this morning to advocate Thanksgiving ham in place of Thanksgiving turkey. What kind of Communist shit is this?

First We Feast: What do Important Food Thinkers think about the term “foodie”? One guess.

Eater: Alder starts serving brunch on Sunday, so, back to never being able to get a table there again.

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