Last Call: Anthony Bourdain Fake Feuds with a Mayor Who Doesn’t Smoke Crack, Still Makes Headlines

Associated Press: Anthony Bourdain’s fake spat with former Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman over a late meeting has been cleared up by the Associated Press. Can we put this to bed now? We have things like crack-smoking mayors to gawk at.

Grub Street: Alice Waters and Ruth Reichl talk about everything from the folding San Francisco Chronicle food section to being women in the boys’ club in this sprawling interview. And every word of it is like a warm blanket to our frigid feminist hearts.

FoodSpin: Jon Stewart chose to say some words about deep-dish pizza that were not so nice. The Chicago native half of The Braiser Staff is going to stay quiet about this, because it was a segment about the New York/Chicago skyscraper rivalry changing hands after four decades with the erection of the One World Trade spire. You can have this one rant, J-Stew. This. One. Time.

Team Coco: In other food rants that transpired on late night yesterday: Jim Gaffigan vs kale.

Huffington Post: Another server got slammed with an “I won’t tip you because I disagree with your gay lifestyle” note on her receipt (oh joy, what a fantastic trend to take off), except that this server is also a MARINE. We really, really, really can’t wait for a straight person to get one of these by accident.

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