Last Call: France Doesn’t Have Any Lady Food Gods Either, Apparently

Grub Street: France did its own version of “The Gods of Food,” and guess what? France doesn’t have any lady gods either. Click here for more beards!

Washington Post: Palate cleanser: Alice Waters, on the benefits of old age. When did she become The Godmother of Soothing Cranky Femivores?

Deadspin: Binge-drinking grandma! Wait, no, the fun kind. (Sorry if we triggered some shit for you, there.) Here’s video of a 75-year-old grandmother ripping a beer bong at a Penn State-Purdue tailgate party.

Huffington Post: Here’s Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman, teaching us about cooking eggs, but mostly, about life.

Eater: And finally, here’s Le Bernardin’s Justo Thomas, teaching you how to break down a fish. Less overt life lessons, but read between the scales and see what you can come up with.

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