Last Call: Grant Achatz to Open ‘AIRlinea’ in O’hare’s Economy Parking Lot…Psych

Element Collective: This spoof on the 29-course, 8-hour meal Grant Achatz would be preparing at his latest restaurant inside O’Hare International Airport, dubbed “AIRlinea,” almost had us going.

Parent Herald: The larger the bowl in which you serve your child’s cereal, the more cereal your child will request to eat. Alternatively, you could not feed your child stoner food for breakfast.

Volvo: This PR video is ostensibly about Alex Stupak “rediscover[ing] his culinary roots going from his restaurant in the East Village, back to Clio in Boston,” but really, it’s just a montage of him looking at things. It could really just be called “Alex Stupak looks at chairs/tacos/blueberries/a falling leaf.” Hey, no harm there. If we got paid Volvo dollars just for staring at things, we’d do it, too.

DNA Info: A sex shop in Chelsea bought out a former nightclub to expand its offerings to sex toys, a cafe, and a bar, all in one spot! One stop date-rape shopping!

Village Voice: Said Anita Lo in a sprawling Village Voice interview: “I really hope that I’ve given women and gay people a role model.” You’ve got nothing to worry about, homegirl.

Grub Street: Dale Talde is teaming up with Roberta’s, Toro, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Pig and Khao, and more for a fundraiser dinner benefiting victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Because pork is a foolproof method of getting people to throw money at you.

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