Last Call: Joe Biden Was $6 Short on His Sandwich Tab, We Only Get 3 More Years of This

Today Show: Joe Biden made one of those folksy charm appearances at his favorite sub shop to buy sandwiches for da crew (Bossman Obama and some other staffers) but he was $6 short at the register. An assistant swooped in with a $10, but we’re pretty devastated that we only get three more years of this.

Eater: Crocs is discontinuing Mario Batali orange. Mario Batali thinks this is “preposterous” and bought 200 pairs in preparation.

Last Meals: Here’s a cute little infographic on celebrity last meals. James Gandolfini’s fried prawns and foie gras seems the most James Gandolfini thing ever.

Grub Street: Maker’s Mark doesn’t know how to make its own cocktails, according to the company Pinterest recipes, which involve adding soda to and shaking a Manhattan.

Racked: A small number of Kentucky Fried Chicken candles sold in under a minute today, because only sociopaths don’t like fried chicken.

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