Last Call: The Average Thanksgiving Meal Costs as Much as 35 SNAP Meals

Grub Street: Butterball’s CEO says the company name is not a kind euphemism for fat people. No word yet on how kind maliciously raising turkeys with breasts so large that they can’t reproduce or life normal bird lives is.

Vulture: Here’s another lengthy, but ultimately satisfying, op-ed on why Food Network’s programming is in the tank.

Washington Post: Here’s a depressing infographic about how the average Thanksgiving dinner costs as much as 35 SNAP meals.

Grammarly: Here’s an awesome infographic with pumpkin pie stats!

New York Times: Wylie Dufresne doesn’t cook at Thanksgiving. He just makes this bomb turkey hash with fried eggs the next morning for breakfast.

Huffington Post: Tryptophan isn’t what’s making you sleepy at Thanksgiving; you’re just a lazy butt who doesn’t want to help the host/ess with the dishes.

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