Last Call: Why Making Your Pecan Pie Was So Damned Expensive This Year

New York Times: China is why we can’t have nice things. (Nice things = pecan pie for dessert minus crippling debt.)

Gawker: Pizza Hut fired this general manager for allowing his location to close on Thanksgiving, in an effort to give his employees the day off. Some of us are in the process of ruining tomorrow’s dinner and need that pizza to feed our cranky relatives. What a selfish jerk.

New Yorker: Here’s a review of Alex Stupak and Grant Achatz’s Push Project Part IV: Thanksgiving. It’s terribly timed, if you’re feeling anxious about the success of your own dinner.

Imgur: It is unclear what type of moonshine this brand called “Panther Piss” is, but the label seems to indicate that it originates from the anatomically offensive and inaccurate dick of a panther.

Eater Las Vegas: Here’s a peek at Nobu’s $400 truffle tasting menu. …We’ll take a pecan pie, please.

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