Last Call: This Tugboat Cook Cheated Certain Death

Today: Did you hear about that guy who survived for three days in the air pocket of a capsized boat off the coast of Nigeria? He was a cook. Chef news! (Also, this story is just really incredible and you should go learn about it.)

Eater NY: The Torrisi team copped to leaving Marina O’Loughlin out in the cold when they screwed up her reservation at Torrisi Italian Specialties last night, but she isn’t one to cry over boys. She’s already moved onto Mission Cantina.

Grub Street: Here’s a viral photo of a restaurant manager preparing food while sweaty and barefoot, who has since been fired, which, fair enough. But we do take issue with the photographer’s allegations that “her bra & chest were hanging out all over the place.” They weren’t. And yes, a chef’s jacket would be appropriate, but like, what? Boob sweat is grosser that face sweat?

New York Times: A piece on the Art of Plating, featuring 11 New York City chefs — it’s like porn for your eyes! …Oh.

Bon Appetit: Latketinis are apparently not awful-tasting, but must we, Bon Appetit?

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