Last Call: Jay Z Is Becoming a Temporary Vegan and We Don’t Know How To Feel About It

Life & Times: Jay Z and Honey-Bey are going vegan for 22 days in an effort to cleanse themselves. At the end of this time, they shall be known as Jay-Lion and Beyonce (why mess with perfection?).

The Guardian: Jay Rayner complains about restaurant critic problems in a way with which we can actually sympathize: the rich assholes you’re surrounded by when dining out are largely assholes.

Bloomberg: Ryan Sutton delivers a blistering review of NYC’s Tao and reminds everyone that Buddha does not mean what its proprietors think it means.

Eater: Judy Rodgers’ cookbook is now sold out everywhere and backordered on Amazon. Here’s a long-form piece on why chefs cherish the recently deceased James Beard Award-winner’s words.

Grub Street: Further proof that Taco Bell is a jerk: the inventor of the Doritos Locos taco — which Taco Bell didn’t even want at first — died from complications due to lung and brain cancer just before Thanksgiving, and the CEO of a company who grossed $1 billion off his invention donated a paltry $1000 to cover his medical bills. Cold.

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