Last Call, Video Flashback Edition: Anthony Bourdain’s ‘A Krampus Carol’ Story

YouTube: Video flashback of the day: Anthony Bourdain’s “A Krampus Carol” animation from the No Reservations holiday special. Is Zero Point Zero looking for a collective girlfriend? Because The Braiser volunteers herself as tribute.

TMZ: A Wendy’s employee accidentally served a customer a burger with half the joint she was smoking while making it tucked inside. Wendy’s paid the customer’s medical bills AND gave her a $50 gift certificate, which is more than we can say for those jerks at Taco Bell and the Doritios Locos inventor.

Huffington Post: Here’s a scathing response from a restaurant owner in Sydney geared towards a customer who left him a bad review. He has some feelings.

Eater Dallas: John Tesar is selling Spoon Bar and Kitchen, but he vehemently denies that he’s selling out.

Grub Street: Is the Pappy Van Winkle heist a marketing hoax? The lawyer representing the dude who was wrongly accused of stealing it thinks so.

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