Last Call: Andrew Zimmern and Justin Warner Debate Sriracha

TODAY: Some of our FFP (Favorite Food People) weigh in on Sriracha’s hot sauce dominance. Justin Warner is #TeamSriracha while Andrew Zimmern is #TeamOverrated, and The Braiser Staff is split firmly down the middle. You ain’t got the answers, bro.

Eater: That ridiculous AmEx Black Starbucks card sold out within seconds. America is a nation thirsty for burnt coffee.

Grub Street: Jessica Seinfeld was the star of this week’s “Grub Street Diet” and she did so well that now Sam Sifton has a crush on her.

Bravo: Ever wonder what the muscles behind Top Chef look like? Peep their sweaty, table-hoisting selves in this behind-the-scenes clip of Restaurant Wars.

Huffington Post: Cheerio, old chap! Have you ever wondered what the proper amount to tip your au pair or massage therapist during the holidays on your fast food worker budget is? Let McDonald’s guide the way!

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