Last Call: Surprise! Cat Cafe Cats Are Mostly Hella Stoned All the Time!

Wired: Haven’t you been dying to read a lengthy editorial on the creepy cat cafe phenomenon taking over Tokyo? Read this for more speculation about drugged up felines than you ever expected to read today.

Eater: Eataly Chicago received 120,000 visitors in their first week, which was apparently too many for them to stay open on the eighth day. They’re reopening tomorrow after a quick breather.

Grub Street: Remember the time a falling light fixture almost killed a Union Square Cafe patron, thus nearly ending Danny Meyer’s career? Oh well, it was a long time ago.

Huffington Post: Fact of life: swaddling babies makes them look like tiny burritos. Fact again: there are now swaddling blankets made to look like tortilla wraps on the market, so you can swaddle your baby to look like an actual burrito. We might eat that baby, though. Shrug. Caveat emptor.

Lisa Hanawalt: Here’s a sneak peek at some Wylie Dufresne-tastic cartoons heading our way in the next issue of Lucky Peach.

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