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Last Call: Buzzfeed Just Discovered That Video of Gordon Ramsay Giving Sex Advice, But It’s Still Good

Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed just rediscovered that 2011 video of Gordon Ramsay edited to sound like he’s giving sex advice, and, as it turns out, it holds up over time. Yo, Gordon, we’re gonna let you finish, but Nigella Lawson had one of the best sex advice smashcuts of all time.

New York Post: Someone at the Post wrote an op-ed complaining about all the swearing that happens on Top Chef, but we can’t read or report on it because all we hear is Charlie Brown teacher voice blaring in our ears.

MADFeed: Noma and Brooklyn’s Frankie 457 agreed to have their carbon emissions tested as part of MAD3. These are their stories.

Huffington Post: A documentary about Sriracha now exists. Sriracha is officially receiving too much press. Does Sriracha have a PR agent?

Eater: An artisanal porridge shop now exists in Brooklyn. 1. See above. 2. Take a moment to think about artisanal peasants, conceptually. Congratulations. This is what being Incepted feels like.

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