Last Call: Guy Fieri’s Penmanship Is Everything You’d Expect It To Be

Twitter: Josh Ozersky snapped a photo of Guy Fieri’s intro copy, which he apparently writes himself on the spot, while he was filming the Astoria episode of Triple D. Guy Fieri’s penmanship is everything you’d expect it to be.

Esquire: Related: Here’s a heartfelt guide for how to eat like Frank Sinatra on what would have been his 98th birthday, penned by Josh Ozersky, whom we love when he’s feeling feelings.

Gawker: Remember the comedian who created the Pace Picante Twitter feud? His latest prank is baking cookies shaped like iPhones and driving around talking on them in the hopes of getting a police officer to pull him over, after which he takes a bite of the phone cookie to make the officer feel silly. It ends with him at a police station.

Grub Street: MADFeed got a shiny new layout. Go forth and sympose!

Eater: The Leaky Cauldron is opening at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. What are you still doing on the internet and not booking a plane ticket to Florida? Braiser out.

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