Last Call: Brooklyn Whole Foods Opens Tomorrow, Sells Vinyl Records, Eats Itself

Brownstoner: The new Brooklyn Whole Foods will sell vinyl records, frozen Roberta’s pizza, and Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, because Brooklyn. (VINYL RECORDS.)

Daily Meal: A tomato truck on its way to France from Morocco was stopped by officials and discovered to contain 10 tons of hashish, balled up under a thin layer of actual tomatoes. As TDM shrewdly notes, “Some tomatoes are green, but Tangiers police were not fooled by the ruse.”

Eater: How does the death of legendary actor Peter O’Toole concern you, dear reader? He was the voice of Anton Ego, surly restaurant critic-turned-human from Ratatouille.

Grub Street: Grub Street really buried the lede in this post chronicling Dominique Ansel’s insanely early mornings: the real treat here is that they GOT TO GO CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPPING WITH HIM.

Huffington Post: A disgruntled chef hijacked his restaurant’s Twitter account after they fired him, allegedly because he requested a weekend in December as well as Christmas Day off to spend with his 7-month old daughter. He also claims he’s gotten a serious job offer from the stunt, which we’re pretty sure is the same strategy being employed by Tila Tequila.

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