Last Call: Judge Burns Rich People Suing Hurricane Sandy-Devastated Wine Cellar

New York Times: So there’s this story about a Hurricane Sandy-devastated wine storage facility being sued by the extremely rich people who stored things there, the real nug of which is the judge saying, “I reject the notion that the concerns in this room are more important than those of middle-class people.”

Eatocracy: A man [in a state which we don’t even have to identify because insane things happen there and you could probably use the context clues here to figure it out/oh fine it rhymes with Schmorida] captured a live alligator to trade for beer at a convenience store. Somewhere, Steve Irwin is very upset.

Immaculate Infatuation: Why is everyone at West Village breakfast spot Buvette so mean? Being cranky in the mornings is our thing.

Huffington Post: A Morton’s Steakhouse location in Nashville kicked out a cancer patient dining with his family, because the wool beanie he put on to keep his bald head warm went against dress code. Enter the Social Media Justice League. In other news: chain steakhouses have dress codes? Are blazers required at Longhorn Steakhouse, too?

Grub Street: Junk food heavy (ie., sugar- and fat-laden) diets basically caused permanent short term memory loss in rats after only six days. Step away from the Doritos Locos taco.

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