Last Call: Take A Sneak Peek Inside Harold Dieterle’s New West Village Restaurant

GrubStreet: Dying to know what seminal Top Chef-worthy German fare looks like? Check out this sneak peek of Harold Dieterle’s The Marrow, freshly opened in the West Village.

The Bad Deal: Bloomberg restaurant critic Ryan Sutton has composed a Worst New Restaurants of 2012 list to complement his Best Of list. Among the casualties are poor, Midwest-pizza-shilling Michael White for Nicoletta, and Top Chef winner Hung Huynh for Catch. B-B-But Pippa eats there!

Huffington Post: Have food trucks jumped the shark? Huffington Post makes a compelling case for how and why they have with Taco Bell food trucks, Campbell’s Soup food trucks, and Rachael Ray dog food trucks as Exhibits A-C.

Martha Stewart Weddings: What did Very Famous Foodie Blake Lively eat at her wedding? Check out the fussy desserts spread here. (Better than Natalie Portman’s insufferable wildflower seed packet favors.)

Gawker: Remember how the company that owns Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, and the like tried to sneak past Obamacare by switching all its employees to part time? Here’s a shock: their 2012 profits tanked.

Fox News: You know what probably tastes infinitely more aristocratic than The White House made out of gingerbread? Downton Abbey made out of gingerbread. “What is a gumdrop?”

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