Last Call: This is the Sexiest Photo of Iced Coffee We’ve Ever Seen, and We Hate the Concept of Food Porn!

Instagram: Um. ‘Scuse us, Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, art director of Bon Appetit magazine, who took the photo above. We’re, uh, gonna go…whisk…some egg whites…stuff.

Gawker: Who is the mysterious Scimitar Shawarma Slinger? And how is he so awesome at slinging shawarma? (The Mortal Kombat soundtrack adds to the ambiance of awesomeness.)

Scientific American: This article on the science of taste is very informative, in spite of having the dumb headline, “Why Does Food Taste So Delicious?”

Deadspin: An intrepid soul/competitive eater attempts to drink enough nonalcoholic beers, which contain trace amounts of alcohol, to get him drunk. To wit, he shotguns 30 beers in an hour. Please don’t vomit while watching this.

CNN: Along with “twerking” and “girl crush,” food words got added to the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary — words such as “guac,” “food baby,” and “cake pop.” Now that these are fancy edumacated people words, we can stop using them, right? We ain’t into dictionary fascists and booklearnin’ no more.


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