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Last Call: Taco Bell Makes Canadians Eat Their Words on Doritos Locos Tacos

Grub Street: Last year, when the Doritos Locos Tacos took America by storm, Canada passive-aggressively bitched on Twitter about how rude Taco Bell was for ignoring them. Taco Bell then brought the special taco to Canada…but invited specific bitchers to eat their tweets, laser-etched onto their Doritos tacos. Of course, the Canadians were so sorry that they’d been so rude. So very, terribly sorry.

Huffington Post: In more somber fast-food news, thousands of fast-food workers went on a nationwide strike, demanding a living wage for the hours they work.

Michael Ruhlman: The food writer weighs in on the controversy around washing raw poultry, which he’s dubbed #chickenshitstorm. Whatever your position, we can all agree on one thing: always wash your chicken after it’s been in a shit storm. You know — a storm of shit.

The Austin Chronicle: Restaurant critic Virginia B. Wood was so disgusted by the meal she had a new restaurant that she refused to name it in her review of the place. “Anyone who assumes that restaurant critics go looking for the opportunity to slam an unsuspecting restaurant should have been required to accompany me in the execution of my job last week,” she groaned.

Eater: Gordon Ramsay + David Beckham + pub = the place was booked solid after 30 minutes of reservations going online.

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