Last Call: Groupon India Sells Onions As Joke, Crashes Site Thanks to Geopolitical Reality

Al-Jazeera: When Groupon India decided to sell onions at 14 cents a kilo, they had no idea that the deal would be popular enough to crash the site. But apparently, the skyrocketing price of onions in India has reached the point where it’s become a major talking point in parliamentary elections. Something something, joke about crying.

Eater: Becks and Gordo are no more. For undisclosed reasons, David Beckham is no longer an investor in Union Street Cafe, which he and Gordon Ramsay had just opened. Our feelings are best summarized in the words of Francis Lam: “Who’s gonna cook now?”

Food & Wine: O Canada! How Gail Simmons loves thee (and thine food and drink combos).

Huffington Post: Ryan Sutton chronicles a very exhausting week of eating as the restaurant critic for Bloomberg, and uses the word “duodenum” in doing so.

Deadspin: A Chicago-area pizza restaurant is giving out free pizzas to women who flash their breasts for them. (Paging the brandy breastfeeding woman! We’re sure these guys aren’t misogynistic.)

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