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Last Call: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

The Daily Beast: Just a normal, average dinner with four members of Al Qaeda (their deceased boss pictured above) who lay out their reasons for joining the devastating insurgency in Syria, while rationalizing why they don’t mind that they will very likely blow themselves up for the sake of martyrdom. (But what did they eat?)

The New York Times: Here’s the obituary for DC journalist Godfrey Sperling, whose breakfast series on Capitol Hill proved that everyone spills the best gossip over meals. (But like every other self-hating journalist, he wasn’t the biggest fan of the breakfast series that made him famous: “If anyone had said to me, the thing you’ll be remembered for is your breakfast group, I would have gone into another career. A breakfast group?”)

Grub Street: A Chicago distillery is offering what they’ve dubbed an “Oxycontin cocktail” on their menu, which the pharmaceutical company that produces it is predictably pissed about. We don’t know what everybody’s so worked up over. It’s not even like it’s the fun kind of Oxycontin cocktail.

Eatocracy: Josh Ozersky has a lot of feelings about steak. We have a lot of feelings about women’s rights. Josh Ozersky and us are the same.

Eater: Robert Sietsema reviews a New York City restaurant that only serves potatoes — “10 different cooking methods, 21 potential toppings, and 15 sauces.” Spoiler alert: it’s not good.

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