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Last Call: What A Steal!

Reddit: Of course, this barrel of Jack Daniels is brought to you by the people at Sam’s Club, America’s favorite bulk discount megastore. Thanks, Sam’s Club (TM)!

NYTimes: Given the Xtreme Deal we saw above, is it any wonder that Frank Bruni would freak out over bulk megastores destroying American bodies and livers? “I don’t blame Costco per se,” he amends. “I blame what it represents: an American obsession with size, with quantity, that manifests itself as surely in supermarkets and restaurants as it does on our highways.” (But that barrel! It’s such a good deal!)

The Lede: Tom Colicchio puts on his policy armor and goes to DC to lobby on behalf of the Food Policy Action group, because Congress needs to pass a budget and the House Republicans wants to chop food stamp benefits to do so. Good luck with that charm offensive, Tom.

Huffington Post: Imagine having beer flow from your faucet taps, your toilet flushes, and your shower heads. Your imagination is reality, if you’re this guy, who fell victim to the greatest beer prank of all time.

Eater: NBC bought a pilot based on 14-year-old wunderchefkind Flynn McGarry’s life. (Normal.) Still 14-year-old Flynn McGarry will serve as a producer on the show. (Not normal.)

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