Last Call: Padma’s Umami Slaves

Twitter: Top Chef’s Kristen Kish was spotted cooking in Padma Lakshmi’s kitchen, along with David Chang. Is it for a party, or has Padma turned them into her neo-Asian cuisine slaves, chained to a stove? (Yeah, we’re not over Breaking Bad yet. It’s been a theme today.)

GQ: The latest in Alan Richman’s Grumpy Old Man Goes To Brooklyn reviews is in, covers three spots in Greenpoint, and is rather…inventive. (Okay, so we’re guessing he got a little stoned for this one.)

Grub Street: The Nomad is hosting a Halloween Masquerade Ball, and you know what that means. Masquerade! Roasted chickens on parade!

Eater: Cast members on the new season of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off include, but are not limited to, Chris Kattan and Vanilla Ice. This is where ex-SNL stars go to pasture.

Jezebel: A study reveals that white wine drinkers consume more wine per volume than their red wine counterparts. This is okay! Because if white wine spills don’t show on clothes, that means white wine doesn’t show up on a BAC! Right?…Guys?


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