Last Call: Dominique Ansel Presents a New Pastry for Cronut Goons to Obsess Over

Eater: It’s called the Magic Souffle. What’s so magic about it, one might ask? For starters, it will conjure hundreds of people out of thin air and arrange them in a line that goes around street corners and into Dominique Ansel’s bakery. It also will magically make millions of dollars appear in Dominique Ansel’s pockets.

Wales Online: A sleepy little British pub got a jolt of excitement when Heston Blumenthal walked in, and ordered a pint and some sausages. It’s a very adorable story, which inevitably Simon Pegg will turn into an action movie.

NYT: There’s a lot of money that goes into that $2 dirty water dog sold on the sidewalks of NYC — namely, massive bidding wars over prime spots, with some vendors bidding $200,000 for licenses to sell in Central Park. How much time does it take to sell 100,000 hot dogs? (Can we get a McKinsey consultant on that, stat?)

HuffPost: A bunch of Croatians are selling Facebook-flavored ice cream, which apparently tastes like gum and candy, and not like a massive aggregate of one’s personal data to be bought like the highest bidder.

The Daily Meal: McDonald’s might replace its vaunted Dollar Menu with something called the “Dollar Menu & More,” which doesn’t make much sense, really. Doesn’t everything on a menu at McDonalds cost more than a dollar, thereby turning the entire menu into the Dollar Menu & More? It seems so obvious that we think that there’s a trick in there.

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