Last Call: Andy Ricker Shares Our Sentiments about Food Festivals

Grub Street: Namely, that they are SO EXHAUSTING. Seriously, all that good food and alcohol, and the only thing that will save him the next morning is a ham-and-cheese croissant. (A ham-and-cheese sandwich pop-up at these festivals would be SO helpful.)

HuffPost: We’d hate to be the waiter who got stiffed by a couple who wrote on his receipt that he provided exemplary service, but they couldn’t tip him because of his “fag choices.” Congratulations to this couple, for providing an exemplary definition of “well-meaning bigotry!”

Eater: How to get people to return things they stole from your restaurant: put a plea for people to return your possessions in your cookbook in exchange for “rewards”! (This already inspired one thief to return a plate to Portland chef John Gorham. Clever!)

Andrew Zimmern: In this week’s Go Fork Yourself!, Molly Mogren gets engaged to a wonderful man named Josh! And she got The Question at the New York Wine and Food Festival! And Papa Bear Andrew Zimmern approves of this Josh! (Seriously, he apparently did not approve of her former boyf.)


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