Last Call: Anita Lo Re-Discovers Soup Dumplings

NY Times: Travel to Flushing, Queens with Anita Lo as she explains her background and understanding about cuisine. Why she doesn’t believe in the “authentic” cuisine technique is because “it presupposes a world where things are cut dry, and separate.” Deep.

Esquire: A tale in which Josh Ozersky reveals that being a food writer doesn’t mean you’re a chef, and that Jonathan Benno doesn’t cook his own chicken, but the meat guy learned, through the transitive property, how to roast a chicken from Thomas Keller.

NY Post: Like a phoenix from the ashes, the Rainbow Room will be reborn…some time in 2014.

Crane TV: Matt Gross of Bon Appetit gives an extremely informative two minute lecture about a newish donut/croissant thing — we guess they call it the “Cronut”?! And there’s a really long line for it, too! In the second part of the video, Dominique Ansel reveals some of his favorite NYC places.

Bravo: You know when you’re watching Top Chef: Masters and think to yourself, “Yeah, but like where exactly are Jenn Louis’s restaurants?” The folks at created a online map so you can find them, along with the restaurants of every Top Chef: Masters contestant, present and past.

Huffington Post: In true French fashion, a movement has started in the French Assembly to legally define what a restaurant, in an effort to curb the increasing number of “grab-n-go” meals in France. Viva la three hour lunches!

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