Last Call: And The Anthony Bourdain Goes, ‘Stabbity Stabbity Stab’

Ginger Haze: Or so goes the version of America’s sweetheart as imagined by graphic design artist Noelle. (By the way, her Pokeymans project is one of the greatest art projects on the web this year.)

Serious Eats: Imagine a world where recipes, like lungfish or contagious diseases, evolve in real-time over the Internet. Confused? Let Alton Brown explain it to you, using his smart people words.

The Daily Meal: A British pub owner visits a restaurant in Shanghai, China that is a near-exact ripoff of hers, down to the restaurant’s layout.

The Telegraph: A random British writer wonders whether Jamie Oliver is going to experience his own 2012 apocalypse disaster, given all of his crazy projects.

The Onion: Their top story: “New Nolan Ryan Cookbook Features Over 200 Recipes For Baseballs.”

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