Last Call: All The Cool Kids Are Going To Aspen

Everywhere: ASPEN FOOD AND WINE CLASSIC! ASPEN FOOD AND WINE CLASSIC! We’re sending our editor-in-chief Verena von Pfetten to the highlands of Colorado to eat and drink and tell you what all the chefs are doing.

Fresh Off The Boat: Mr. Eddie Huang says opinionated stuff about that basketball thing that happened with the Miami Heat a few days ago. Alas, we do not know anything, because we are mere women, and our ovaries makes us ignorant to the ways of the NBA. (But we love football.)

Eater DC: Every Day With Rachael Ray declares that Washington, DC is a “culinary capital,” because the Obama family are bestowing their food patronage on local restaurants, chefs are coming in from all over the place, and native Washingtonians are finally realizing that “cool stuff” isn’t just limited to cigar bars and cheap whiskey shots at McFadden’s.

Slice: The most expensive pizza in the world (that is not covered in edible gold, because that’s cheating) is in…British Columbia? It’s got lobster Thermidor, Alaskan black cod, and a side of Russian Osetra caviar. And it clocks in at $450 CAD. So wait, since those are Canadian dollars, those should be totally affordable! Psych. The American dollar is crap.

Facebook: Anthony Bourdain just got one. Now we have yet another way to stalk his every move across the media landscape.

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