Last Call: Please Let This Bacon-Flavored Scope Be An April Fool’s Joke

The Huffington Post: Bacon-flavored Scope? BACON-FLAVORED SCOPE…sigh.

LA Times: Here’s a sneak preview at Trois Mec, the joint project between Ludo Lefebvre, Animal’s Vinny Dotolo, and Jon Shook. What’s that? You thought that any joint venture from these three would be the Handsome Men’s Club? Duuude, you on a different site.

Grub Street: Um, why is it that top restaurants are serving Nespresso exclusively? No matter what the reason, though, Noma’s not serving it. Some things never change.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Twitter: Keep your eyes peeled — you might find details on how to get your beautiful mug in Doug and Bryan’s upcoming cookbook.

The Oatmeal: Waiting tables is one of the most emotionally draining jobs in the country, so always be nice to your waiters and tip them well — even if they fart.

Eater NY: The NYC-based food site sits down with Andy Ricker a year after he opened his first East Coast location, Pok Pok NY. One of the different things about working in New York: sometimes people don’t show up for interviews.


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