Last Call: Before You Go Today, Here’s What You Need to Know


ICYMI: Before you head out for the day, here’s what you need to know from around the web:

Grub Street: Carnegie Deli may be coming back! Apparently, their upstairs neighbors have heat and hot water again, following a shut down by Con Ed in April. The restaurant still faces an uphill battle, but it ain’t over yet.

Eater: Lovely: A Texas Restaurant is now offering a discount to customers who bring guns to the restaurant. They request that unless you need them you don’t use them, but note that they do appreciate judicious marksmanship.

The New York Times: Openings, closings, and the like, all in NYC. We’re excited about Biang, the new spot from Jason Wang, who gave us Xi’an Famous Foods

Huffington Post: Until February 8th, McDonald’s is running a 2 items for $2 promotion, meaning you no longer have to decide between a McChicken and a McDouble…but it won’t last long!

Vice Munchies: Congress has┬áruled that Americans no longer need to know the origin of their meat. Disgusting. Totally going vegetarian. For a week, and then we’ll all be back to eating that mystery meat.

Time to get to happy hour. Cheers! See you tomorrow.


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