Last Call: Bourdain Calls Libya Episode ‘The Best Piece Of Work I’ve Ever Been Part Of’

Tumblr: Every so often, Anthony Bourdain takes to the internet to discuss something he’s truly passionate about, but his latest post does something rare: he bestows the title of “Best Thing We’ve Ever Produced” on his upcoming Libya episode of Parts Unknown.

Eater: The winners of Top Chef usually go on to do things like open restaurants and score James Beard awards. Hosea Rosenberg, the Season 5 winner and the epitome of “failing upwards,” is participating in a culinary event hosted by the Colorado Lottery.

The Dish: The official Bravo blog kinda-sorta addresses the Top Chef sponsorship scandal by re-printing a press release from the City of New Orleans tourism bureau, which insists that they’re not taking BP money, so they’re totally legit. (It’s just the actual government of the State of Louisiana that’s doing so. Yup.)

Gawker: A waitress at Chili’s was fired after writing “Stupid Cops better hope I’m not their server FDP” on her Facebook page. Friends of the waitress speculate that her cop-hatred stems from an incident when she was fined for letting her three-year-old pee in public, though we’re sure she was not seeking retribution by peeing in the cops’ nachos.

Grub Street: Hey, guys! Let’s turn Williamsburg, Brooklyn into a parody of itself by putting a hipster restaurant inside an Urban Outfitters! Man, this is a freaking ouroboros of irony.

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