Last Call: Cinnabons In Libya Is The Closest Thing We Have To Peace In The Middle East

Bloomberg: And that’s scary, considering that the country is still riddled with sectarian violence, lacks vital infrastructure, and recently saw the murder of an American ambassador, but hey, people gots to have their iced cinnamon buns (and a speculated $5 billion in oil money)!

Huffington Post: The Fabio-hair on the global meat buyer modeling in a Whole Foods holiday centerfold might be gilding the lily, because the only meat we want is that rack of ribs in Theo Weening’s hands. Mmmmmm.

Grub Street: BACON YULE LOG VIDEO. Merry Christmas. (We’d say “Happy Holidays,” but bacon pretty much excludes Jews from partaking.)

SFGate: A poll of San Francisco restaurants discovers that last year, Valentine’s Day was the best day for restaurants, while Game 3 of the World Series was one of the worst. (No one really cared about Mother’s Day, which proves that San Francisco doesn’t care about their moms.)

The New York Times: Remember that one time when everyone thought that tennis pro Novak Djokovic owned all the donkey cheese in the world? That was a lie, a terrible, horrible LIE which has irrevocably altered our trust in humanity.


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