Last Call: Coffee, Gangnam Style

Huffington Post via Reddit: Korean rap sensation PSY gets depicted coffee style. Please do not attempt to horse dance while holding this cappuccino.

Jalopnik: There is no such thing as an environmentally guilt-free burger, according to this new study from UC Riverside. A single charbroiled burger, while being cooked, released the same amount of pollutants as an 18-ton diesel truck that drove 143 miles on a highway. It doesn’t matter how many grasses that cow ate; you burger eaters are collectively just as bad as the Exxon Valdez and Captain Pollution.

Slate: Matt Yglesias is miffed that everyone is spinning around in fear circles over the prospect of a baconless future, and disassembles the idea (pushed by a lobbying group, he’s quick to add) that the US drought will lead to a shortage of bacon. In fact, due to the role that corn plays in the production of meat, the so-called “Porkocalypse” is “actually a global increase in meat prices as a slightly delayed downstream consequence of the increase in corn prices” thanks to this summer’s devastating drought. In our analysis-cum-response, “aporkalypse” is a much better name, Huffington Post.

CHOW: According to the San Francisco Cooking School, Gray Kunz’s spoons are apparently the spoons that chefs use when they want to taste things. As in, they taste foods using a spoon that has already been in their mouth, so they can put that food in your mouth. Why a chef would want to be associated with such unsanitary practices makes as much spoon sense as this video. (CHOW is quite good at untangling the strange urges.)

NYP: Chef Koren Grieveson is coming to New York City after leaving Paul Kahan’s Chicago restaurant Avec, in order to be avec girlfriend Anne Burrell. (Do you see what we did there? We know elementary French!)


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