Last Call: Don’t Forget To Vote

Seriously: Go do it. For America.

HuffPost: A man in Pennsylvania faces 25 years in prison after he was caught stealing dozens of lobsters in order to support his drug habit. This will soon be optioned for new ripoff television series Breaking Crab.

Grub Street: Watch these vodka bottles spontaneously combust inside a liquor store…thanks to the power of the SUN.

GQ: Alan Richman has no idea what to make of the latest culinary mecca: “How did Portland, at best second-tier and certainly worse where food was concerned, ascend to its status as the most fascinating gastronomic city in America, the all-around champion in the category of food and drink?”

Reuters: Anheuser-Busch is super mad at Denzel Washington because in his latest movie Flight, he’s portrayed drinking Budweiser right before crashing a plane. As a result, they’re begging Paramount to obscure references to a product that will likely make you crash a plane.

New York Times: In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Pete Wells decides that it’s pointless to review restaurants when the nerve center of American culinary innovation — downtown Manhattan’s restaurant scene — is in peril. “I would like to use this space to celebrate the Manhattan restaurants that were dark last week,” he writes. “While other neighborhoods suffered more, downtown needs support now, too.”

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