Last Call: Ducks, ‘Mangria,’ And A Few Extra Trivial Things For The Day

Eater: After being hit with a fine for serving foie gras from an unlicensed artisan farmer, Mugaritz has launched a petition to the Basque government to grant more legal rights to small farmers and producers. Viva los patos deliciosos.

CHOW: Why is it that food critics have to be anonymous, anyways? This article claims that it’s to get an impartial experience of the restaurant; we think it’s because food critics secretly like playing dress-up.

Obama Foodorama: Next Monday, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack will host a Twitter livechat about the Farm Bill. Ask him to Instagram cows.

Esquire: Comedian Adam Carolla releases “Mangria,” a stronger, manlier version of the fruity Spanish wine. We’re gonna need a lot of that tonight.

Huffington Post: Why a PR consultant won’t read your food blog (hint: you, and everything you do on that blog, sucks.)

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