Last Call: Eddie Huang Could Have Had It All As A TED Fellow

Image credit: Kara Defria

YouTube: This bootleg video from his TED Talk hints at an alternate future: had Eddie Huang not gone onto the DVDASA podcast of filth and crassness, he could have had a bright future as a Silicon Valley intellectual disruptor, and all the perks that came with it. Namely, he’d get to go to fancy wine and cheese parties, get a lucrative fee giving talks to banks, and roll around on a Segway. (It’s Silicon Valley!)

Huffington Post: Thanks to a recent blow-up where a French health inspector found that a restaurant was serving caterpillars, we’ve discovered the one thing that French people woneat.

Food Safety News: After being indicted for causing a massive salmonella outbreak in 2009, a peanut corporation has pled guilty to 76-count charges of conspiracy, fraud, and the “introduction of adulterated food into interstate commerce with the intent to defraud or mislead.” Boy, we hope they really mean it.

SFGate: A new photography exhibit showcases the knife collections of prominent chefs in the Bay Area. Get there, chop chop. (We’re not sorry.)

Grub Street NY: Oh, what a quaint ad featuring Audrey Hepburn selling Galaxy chocolate! Except — wait a sec. Isn’t she…dead? OH GOD IT’S ZOMBIE HEPBURN, SELLING ZOMBIE CHOCOLATE FOR ZOMBIES.

Telegraph: Okay, which is a sadder French story, the discovery that fast food restaurants outnumber traditional sit-down restaurants in the gastronomic country, or the caterpillar story from earlier?

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