Last Call: What Your Facebook ‘Likes’ Say About You (That You’re Obese)

The Atlantic: Allow us to clarify that headline: a recent study found that the amount of television shows you “like” on Facebook is a strong indicator of how overweight you might be. The more TV you “like,” the more obese you likely are. Our new workout plan? Un-liking TV shows on Facebook.

The Best Cooking School Blog:  There’s never a bad reason to throw a Great Gatsby-themed party, especially at a place as decadent as the Culinary Institute of America. Click through for the fancy photos of Jazz Age food and costumes, stay for the bleak commentary on alienation and the perils of the nouveau riche navigating the American Dream.

The LA Times: The USDA announced that it was finally lifting the import ban on artisanal Italian cured meats, allowing Americans to finally taste salumi the way that adorable old nonnas intended salumi to taste. Losing out: the French. Again.

The Huffington Post: Flights might be back on schedule, but sequestration backlash is still wreaking havoc. Due to the sweeping federal cuts, Meals On Wheels has lost much of its funding leaving thousands of senior citizens hungry. Ah, the graduating seniors at Columbia University; Our future leaders. Say, let’s pick your mind over which vice you prefer: oral sex, or cheese. Yes, you have to pick one, and please don’t try to combine the two.

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