Last Call: Twinkies Return, To The Chagrin Of Twinkie Hoarders

Foodbeast: Thanks to the snack food bailout from earlier this year, the Hostess bakery will resume production of Ding Dongs, Twinkies, and Sno-Balls, which you can cram into your greedy faces come July. This is great news to all Americans, except for the entrepreneurial ones who stockpiled Twinkies to sell on the snack cake black market like so many Four Lokos.

First We Feast: What kind of person would want to buy a sneaker that resulted from a collaboration between Christian Louboutin and…Whole Foods? What kind of intercourse did those two companies have to even make that shoe? And what income bracket would we have to reside in to find that shoe desirable?

Eater: Last night, Jepoardy! had an entire category based on pricey items at famous restaurants. If you can answer them, congratulations: you are a rich person.

Lucky Peach: In which Karlie Kloss and Christina Tosi go on a Girlz Trip through the five boroughs, advertising Kloss’s new 5Boro Kookie for Momofuku Milk Bar. The trailer is chock-full of Grrrrl power (and chocolate chips).

The Los Angeles Times: Two things we’d never thought we’d see together: cookbook authors and culinary intellectual property issues. We were taken aback at news of one event in California marrying the two. Incidentally, the two things we geek out over, so hard: cookbooks and intellectual property issues. (You know we keep it real,¬†Roberts Court.)

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